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Computer Simulations / FEA Testing

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Structural Analysis (FEA)

Medical Devices need to have Proof of Concept and functionality before they will be accepted for the markets. A critical part of the Product is the Lifecycle testing to meet the Design Inputs and Outputs. At Bartek we have extensive experience of preparing Medical Devices for the market readiness and we start this process by Computer Simulations and FEA testing. This process allows us to gather crucial Data on materials and mechanical behaviour before even prototyping the parts and assemblies. This saves a lot of time effort and costs in the device development. Contact us for details.

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Computer simulations /
Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

  • Mechanical function - Assemblies
  • Fits and tolerances - Assemblies
  • Mould Rheology - Plastics
  • Stress - Metals, Plastics
  • Bend - Metals , Plastics
  • Materials - Metals, Plastics, bonding adhesives, electronics, woven patches etc

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