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Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device Project

Bartek contracted as Design and Manufacturing Consultants for a Californian based Medtech Start Up called Metronom Health Inc. Metronom Health is developing a cutting edge Opto-enzymatic technology sensor capable of accurately sensing the Glucose levels in a Diabetic patients blood. The Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device (CGM) has an inbuilt sensor that sends light signals to a chemistry based sensor. The chemistry is under the patients skin and in the blood flow where it sense the oxygen filled blood colour. The light signal is returned to the sensor where it is converted to electronic signal and fed to the Device wearer's Smart Watch or Smart Phone via a Bluetooth signal where an App converts the signal via algorithms to display the current blood glucose levels to the patient according to the set frequency. This technology removes the need for the patient too 'prick' their finger 8 times a day to get the same reading from glucose strips and readers. The device can be worn for 14 days and is currently more accurate than any of its current market competitors.
Bartek worked together with the Metronom Scientists and Engineers and we designed and developed the mechanical wearable device, optics and applicator. We purchased high end 3D printers that could print in 16 micron layers with an accuracy of +/- 0.02mm and we created the first parts and assemblies to take the device through animal and clinical trials.

Watch the CGM Device video below:

Belfast Manufacturing Expo
Barry Lyons presenting

Belfast Manufactruing & Supply Chain Expo 25 Feb 2020
BDL were invited to Speak on Injection Mould tool validations at the Belfast Manufactruing & Supply Chain Exhibition. The presentation by Barry Lyons was received well.

Medtech Ireland 2016 Logo
Barry Lyons & Daiva Ivanauskaite at Medtech Ireland

Medtech Ireland 4th and 5th October 2016
Barry Lyons (MD) and Daiva Ivanauskaite (Marketing) manning the Bartek Design Limited Consulting stand at the Medtech Ireland Exhibition in the Radission Blu Hotel Galway. There was plenty of networking and enquiries followed by the 'renowned' Galway hospitality! ;-)

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